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Andrew Morgan

peculiar design

Tiny moon


  • copyright inforgraphic
  • vector sword
  • bunny in armchair, smoking. Andrew Morgan Inc. business card
  • Q8 Log Oil logo idea
  • Flat Tire beer label
  • Hoja Seed Balls logo sticker
  • Andrew Morgan Inc. city skyline business card
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  • vector fish
  • vector paper crane
  • vector centepeede, looking forward


Hoja Seed Balls Website Thumbnail

A side project of mine, the Hoja Seed Balls explains this odd product and has a shop to sell them. The emphasis is on text , using images only when necessary. The project was a exercise in minimalism, inspired by Dieter Rams, a renowned architect, who once said about designing "Less, but better".

Shisharki Website Thumbnail

Shisharki sells wearable art and handmade jewelry. The use of a parallax scrolling effect with a mountain range I made, and custom menu makes this website feel handmade, like the art it sells. The carefully chosen color scheme communicates a charming, lively, original feel that reflects the client's personality.

Rahanna personal Website Thumbnail

Rahanna's psersonal site is an amalgamation of blog posts, instagram feed, and herbal remedies. The buttons across the top are filters to the main content, giving the user a single feed to sort through at their leisure. I gave myself the limitation of only having a single page to work with, really just an excuse to work with jQuery.

3 Step Rodent Proofing Website Thumbnail

A simple and clear website was what 3 Step Rodent Proofing was looking for in a website. Fast loading with good SEO, this website focuses on getting the user to call in for a quote.

Sanderson’s artist portfolio website focuses on the work. The seemingly empty website fills with content the farther you delve into it. There was a lot of talk about making this website get out of the way of the images, so the user can really focus on them without imprinting on the artwork.

SICA-USA  Website Thumbnail

The Subud International Cultural Association] came to me looking for a user friendly, easily editable website. This WordPress site has a large group of artists and makers, a blog, and a series of pages about Subud.

Elderberry Project Website Thumbnail

The Elderberry Project is a simple, colorful website that helps elders with resources and mobility. 50 shades of purple!


Andrew Morgan, wearing a snazy bowtie

I'm Andrew Morgan, I make graphics & websites. I believe in pushing the boundaries of design and frustrating expectation. I draw inspiration from the strong forms of Keith Haring, the degenerative beauty of the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, and the dated yet timeless humor of Futurama.

With my degree in communication, my perspective on creation is driven by storytelling rather than just presenting fact. Too much of the world is caught up with presenting information, without any concern with how a human will receive it. As I grow in technical skill, my vision for storytelling becomes more clear. My ideas routinely outpace my abilities, offering a strong motivator to keep getting better.

I would love the opportunity to chat with you, about the dreams you want realized, how you see design, or even just your favorite Zoidberg quote. Please, give me a shout!


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